Designing Universal Sabbaticals for Music Educators
Thursday, Apr 30, 2020

Designing Universal Sabbaticals for Music Educators

Through 3 phases of user collaborative design, designing a product idea to benefit Music Educators

For the User-Oriented Collaborative Design, or UOCD, class a team and I learned how to design with people and not for them on their behalf. Through a process of co-design, we chose a user group of interest, seeked them out in the local community, and in three design phases across numerous user vists came to a final solution to address a pain point of theirs backed by insights. In our case we found out that Music Educators are currently unable to explore their passions for music outside a classroom setting. To combat this, we designed a Sabbatical program that would allow Music Educators the opportunity, if they so choose, to expand on their music passions and bring the expereince gained back to the classroom and to the students.

The three phases were organized as follows:

  • Phase 1 - Explore - Be Curious!
  • Phase 2 - Conceptualize - Be collaborative!
  • Phase 3 - Develop - Be ambitious!

Some design material:

Design review material:

DR1: Click here

(The next two were moved to virtual presentations due to COVID-19)