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A Brand New Way to Consume Food

At Dine we are streamlining the way you decide what to eat so that you can enjoy the food you want at the time you want.

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Discover our Features

Individual Recommendations

Our recommendation engine will suggest food to you based on your personal "Taste Profile" and your previous orders.

Real Time Updated Menus

Menus and food items are updated in real time so that you will always get the best deal with daily promotions and sales.

Personalized Preferences

You define what you want to eat. Whether that'd be a vegetarian or vegan diet, glucose-free meals, allergy free foods, you choose what kind of dishes you'd like to see.

Order Screen

Food Classification

We use our own in-house algorithm to classify different foods in order to get you what you what, no matter how you're feeling.

Streamlined Orders

The more choices the better right? Finding something satisfying in long menu is like finding a needle in a haystack. Dine's minimalistic design shows you the top dishes that you will most likely enjoy. Don't like what you see? Simply swipe it off the screen to help Dine learn what you enjoy.

Location Based

Tired of scrolling through reviews of restaurants? Dine goes straight to the dishes and suggests the best ones for you based on where you are.


Designed with a corresponding restaurant management system

When you order a dish, that order gets sent straight to our custom made restaurant management system where chefs will be able to see what you ordered and how to cook it up in real-time. It is here, in this dashboard, where managers are able to create their restaurants and offer daily promotions and manage their menu items.

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